Learning Area: Startup Support and Mentorship

Every entrepreneur that wants to grow and scale their business can benefit from mentorship from people who have been there, done that and knows what levers need to be pulled to unlock your vision

We found that mentorship is the best way to transfer knowledge effectively as well as help small businesses to grow in areas they need it most. Our programs include networking and getting feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, opportunities to refine your pitch and get feedback from our panel of investors and peer to peer networking with other startup founders and entrepreneurs in your cohort.
The goal of our mentorship in our programs is to help you become a better informed entrepreneur. It is centered around your goals and what success looks like to you.

Accountability is a mainstay of membership in our programs – participants will unlock real value if they commit themselves to the mentorship sessions, learn and implement.

You don’t have to learn the hard way when we have done it before. Sign up today and get expert advice and feedback in our entrepreneurship education programs

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