Office Hours

Office hours

  • Office hours are there to provide you with support outside the larger group sessions
  • Different time slots are made available in which you can join as and when is needed
  • They provide you with the opportunity to get guidance for challenges you are facing, and answers to specific questions you have
  • Sometimes they are held in a group settings to capitalise on the value of shared knowledge and experiences


Mentors are there to provide an additional level of support to founders over and above the online content and other live sessions. For this reason, we ask that you first experience the first 2 weeks of the programme before requesting your first mentoring session. This just ensures you have enough context and experience to make the most of the time on offer.

Our mentors are volunteers – so we request that you respect their time by diligent preparation before the session.

Before each session, please share

  1. Your latest pitch deck
  2. An update on your recent accomplishments and learning
  3. Up to three specific questions/challenges you would like to focus on during your session