Your Role in The Launch Programme

You have joined the programme because you want to launch a sustainable business that attracts investors.

Throughout the programme we ask that you share our values: 

  • Believe in yourself
  • When in doubt, take action
  • Results over explanations
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes
  • Traction speaks louder than words
  • Stay in the game

We believe this programme can get you results, but it doesn’t work unless you put in the work. 

The time commitment for the organised sessions is about 4 hours per week, excluding the work you do on your business. To pitch at Demo Days you need to have attended pitch practice consistently. We understand if you are unable to attend a live session for whatever reason, and we will make recordings available for you to catch up. We do, however, ask that you check-in with us and let us know how it’s going.

A lot of the learning you get during the programme is through your peers. You belong to a cohort of inspirational founders. Use this network to your advantage. The WhatsApp group is there to support you and your peers. You can use it to ask each other for help, share successes, and get updates from the Startup Circles team.